About Us

Looking for a way to keep your stakeholders informed and engaged without feeling overwhelmed? Look no further than CommunityConnective! As content curation specialists for the social sector, we pride ourselves on gathering high-quality resources that are specific to your audience’s interests.

With over 15 years of experience in collecting, formatting, and disseminating content, we’ve got the expertise to create engaging e-newsletters that fulfill your mission and promote your events and initiatives.

Our services include everything you need to stay connected with your community, from accessible and mobile-friendly e-newsletter template design to targeted content marketing.

Plus, we take care of mailing list management, tracking and reporting, and even subscriber growth, so you can focus on what you do best.

Whether you’re a not-for-profit, government agency, social enterprise, or for-purpose business, we’re passionate about helping you succeed. So why wait? Let us help you connect with your audience today!

What our Clients say

City of Parramatta Council

“…we have far exceeded our goal to provide a regular eNews for the Parramatta community facilitating cross fertilisation, community engagement and an independent voice for community organisations. The content and stories are excellent, accurate and relevant. A bonus has been that it has freed up the staffing resource to be redeployed to other priority projects.”

Hawkesbury City Council

“Offering use of e News to services means that they have access to an online news bulletin that promotes their services, events and employment opportunities in an affordable, targeted medium. It also means that rather than syphon through an exorbitant amount of forwarded emails they receive local sector news on a weekly basis, achieving time efficiencies for both Council and the local service sector.”

Fairfield City Council

“The e-Newsletter service is very easy to use and presents information professionally that engages our target audience and community stakeholders. We’re also pleased with monthly analytic breakdowns which outline the effectiveness of our messaging, services and the reach provided by the service.”

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