Hawkesbury City Council Opens up Committee Meetings to the Community

Hawkesbury City Council Opens up Committee Meetings to the Community

The Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Patrick Conolly is pleased to announce that, following an extensive review of Council’s committee structure, meetings of Council Committees will now be held as public meetings, with all members of the community invited to participate. As part of the reform, Council resolved to dissolve eight existing committees and to establish the following four new committees:

  • Community Services
  • Environment
  • Innovation and Partnerships
  • Disaster and Emergency.

“I am excited that Council will now allow the community to fully participate in Council’s committees,” Mayor Conolly said.

“Committee agendas will now be published in a similar manner to the way that Council Meetings are currently published so that we can ensure the community has advanced notice of what will be discussed.

“Until now, meetings of committees of Council have been held in private, with only a handful of appointed community members invited to participate in each committee,” Mayor Conolly said.

“This system has been replaced by new committees which will publish their agendas and allow any member of the public to address the committee on any agenda item.

“All members of the public are welcome to make submissions to the committees and they can attend and participate in the committee meetings,” he said.

“On behalf of Council, I sincerely thank each member of the dissolved committees for their many years of dedicated service.

“I will also be contacting them to inform them of the opportunity to participate in the new committee structure,” Mayor Conolly said.

The existing Heritage Advisory Committee will remain unchanged in that it will retain its current membership with full voting rights. The way its agenda is set and its reporting requirements will change to coincide with the other newly formed committees.

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