DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training - 12-14 Aug 2019, Bankstown

DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training - 12-14 Aug 2019, Bankstown

DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training
12-14 August 2019, 8.30am-4.00pm
Humanity Matters, 6-8 Bankstown City Plaza, Bankstown

Cost: $894.80-$1,158.25

DRUMBEAT® - Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts

  • Do you work with groups?
  • Do you work with groups of children, young people, adults or seniors?
  • Are you looking for a breakthrough program to engage and change?
  • Are you spending a great deal of time managing challenging behaviours?
  • Are you working with groups with complex issues?
  • Are you seeking professional development to enhance your personal impact?

DRUMBEAT is an evidence-based social and emotional learning program, incorporating hand-drumming and proven to build resilience and show measurable changes in social behaviour.

What will you learn in the DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training?

  • A range of new facilitation techniques to use with children, youth and adults in a group setting
  • How to play the djembe drum
  • Core rhythms and rhythmic games to promote social understanding, team work, creativity, collaboration, personal reflection, resilience and community
  • Unique ways to motivate behavioural change and deal with conflict
  • How to use the drum to open up group discussion around social understanding and personal reflection
  • Skills to facilitate group improvisation and performance
  • How to customise DRUMBEAT for your specific group’s needs
  • Instructions on how to evaluate your program delivery in order to report back the outcomes to your organisation, school or community

More information and registration

Contact: drumbeatservices@holyoake.org.au or (08) 9416 4444