Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF)’s Experimental Evaluation Grant EOI is now open for seven available grants, up to a maximum of $300,000 each, to fund evaluations of social impact programs that align with PRF’s purpose.

The Albert & Barbara Tucker Foundation’s Grants support registered charitable organisations who are actively making a positive difference in the lives of humans, animals and the natural environment.

Groundswell’s Grants offer 5 x $40,000 grants, available for organisations tackling the climate crisis. Submit an Expression of Interest to be invited to apply. If successful, Groundswell will email an application.

Wheen Bee Foundation Carman’s Trees for Bees Community Tree Grants provides funding to community groups and organisations to increase vital habitat, providing spaces for bees to forage, live and breed.

Australian Government’s Forced Marriage Specialist Support Program (FMSSP) will deliver a national response to support the victims and survivors of forced marriage, working with all communities that experience forced marriage.

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