Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) 2021 Research & Advocacy Grants

Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) 2021 Research & Advocacy Grants

The purpose of Energy Consumers Australia (ECA)'s Grants Program is to build knowledge and capacity to support energy policy development that will benefit the long-term interests of consumers. ECA promotes the long term interests of energy consumers in terms of the price, quality, safety, quality, reliability and security of supply of energy services by providing and enabling consumer advocacy on National Energy Market Matters.

The Energy Consumers Australia Grants Program offers three types of grants:

  • Advocacy Grants
  • Research Grants
  • CEO Grants and Gill Owen Scholarship for grants of up to $15,0000 to enable:
    • Consumer engagement and advocacy in government, regulatory, or industry decision-making processes
    • Advocates to research relevant international programs, policies or initiatives that advance the long-term interests of consumers.

Advocacy and Research Grants have application rounds. Successful applicants for Advocacy and Research Grants will be contacted within three weeks after the decision date. CEO Grant applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year, and successful applicants will be notified up to three weeks after submission.

Advocacy grants: Advocacy funding is used to primarily support advocacy on issues of material importance to residential and small business consumers, and to build sectoral capacity.

Research grants: Research projects are more likely to be future-focused and address longer-term or emerging consumer issues. These grants will inform and support advocacy by: providing a robust, topical, and well-informed evidence base; and building knowledge among advocates, decision makers and industry.

To be eligible for Advocacy, Research and CEO Grants, applicants must undertake advocacy, research, or participate in engagement that:

  • Builds knowledge and or sectoral capacity supporting policy development and consumer education in the National Energy Market
  • Advances the long-term interests of consumers, particularly residential and small business consumers.
  • Has relevance to National Energy Market advocacy and research.
  • Complies with the ECA Grants Program Selection Criteria.

Advocacy and research grants close: 29 April 2021.

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