Parramatta Community Events Grants

Parramatta Community Events Grants

The Community Events grants aim to establish and encourage new events to the City of Parramatta which: are low cost or free to the public; are a new offering to the city that compliments the existing events calendar; encourages new visitors to the city. The grant program has a strong focus on delivering social, community, recreational and cultural benefits to Parramatta’s community.

Applicants are eligible to receive grant funding to cover up to 20% of the total event budget up to the amount of $10,000 annually.

Events must align with the City of Parramatta 'Vision and Primary Priorities' and must be delivered wholly or primarily within the Parramatta local government area which principally benefits residents.

The program supports not for profit organisations, community groups, professional groups, and in some cases individuals who are auspiced by an organisation.

The City of Parramatta supports a range of events delivered across the local government area, including Parramatta CBD, neighbourhoods and suburbs.

Applications close: 5 August 2019.

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