Invitation to Participate in FirstCPR Project

Invitation to Participate in FirstCPR Project

Do you know that every year, 25,000 Australians suffer a sudden cardiac arrest in the community? Less than 1 in 10 people survive a cardiac arrest. However, if CPR is started promptly the chance of survival increases significantly. Westmead Applied Research Centre (WARC), The University of Sydney, is launching FirstCPR, an educational study aiming to increase the number of people in the community that are trained and willing to perform CPR. FirstCPR study will involve:

  • Education and training programs on how to respond to a cardiac arrest
  • Free in-person/online information sessions
  • Vouchers to complete an accredited CPR training session (up to 30 per organisation)

Participating organisations can go into a draw to win an AED for their organisation and individual members who partake in the study can win gift vouchers upon completing short 5 minute surveys related with this study.

If you belong to an organisation that has a minimum of 50 members and are able to communicate with them via any digital means such as text/email/social media/apps, consider calling the program to discuss how you can be part of it and gain access to the education material for the members of your organisation.

This program is being conducted in organisations in the following areas: Western Sydney, South-West Sydney and Mid-North Coast.

Contact: Leticia, Research Admin Officer, or Sonali, Senior Project Officer, 0412 369 519 or

Source: Active Parramatta e-Newsletter