Are You Affected by DSS Data Exchange and/or Outcomes Reporting?

Are You Affected by DSS Data Exchange and/or Outcomes Reporting?

Community Data Solutions is a leading software provider for Not-for-Proft and Community Services agencies in Australia, and they have turn key software solutions available for both managing your organisation's confidential client data and at the same time assist you with Government statistical and outcomes reporting. The company has almost 200 customers nationally and of these almost half are based in NSW. They specialise in case management, community work, anti-poverty and family services data management.

Many organisations in New South Wales are affected by two recent developments. Some funded by the State Government now have to report their data through DSS Data Exchange, while others need to collect an increasingly wide variety of outcomes data for Government reporting purposes.

Community Data Solutions online software is DSS Data Exchange compliant, which means that their online software captures all DSS Data Exchange reporting requirements and you can upload this data at regular intervals to DSS as you require. The benefits of this approach are as follows:

  • You maintain ownership of a copy of your data at all times
  • No time wasting with unproductive double data duplication
  • All your client data is in one place, that is all case notes, documents, and reporting information is in one place providing the best possible view of your client’s situation, to ensure your organisation can assist them more effectively and efficiently.

They have also developed for their customers a DSS Data Exchange dashboard so your organisation can view the progress of the DSS work in easy to read pre-built reports. View this in more detail.

In terms of outcomes, Community Data Solutions has built an online tool that works within the data system to help manage outcomes across multiple outcomes frameworks. They have pre-built survey templates for DASS, GEM, Personal Well-being Index and additional templates can be developed to whichever outcomes frameworks you are using. They can even match these where appropriate to DSS SCORE outcomes if required. The following short video explains some general features of the tool:

Contact: or 1800 503 981.