Governance Toolkit for Organisations Supporting Migrant & Refugee Communities

Governance Toolkit for Organisations Supporting Migrant & Refugee Communities

The Settlement Council of Australia (SCoA) have released 'The best of both worlds: A governance toolkit for organisations supporting migrant and refugee communities in Australia'. This toolkit has been developed to help settlement services and community organisations that support people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to settle in Australia. The toolkit is particularly aimed at smaller organisations, that might need some guidance to understand and apply the various laws, rules and regulations that govern organisations in Australia.

Some of these organisations might be receiving community capacity building support from a settlement agency. Organisations providing SETS community capacity building support may wish to use this resource in their work.

Many organisations in the settlement sector are small, community-based groups with little or no funding, and many are run mostly or entirely by volunteers. These people have often arrived in Australia as migrants or refugees themselves. Through their experiences and through accompanying others in their communities on their settlement journeys’, they have become highly skilled in helping new arrivals to adjust to life in Australia and are passionate about contributing to their community and to Australia. It is often in this context that they take on the responsibilities of running an organisation.

This toolkit aims to help make setting up and running such organisations as clear and easy as possible, so that the people involved can focus their passion and energy on helping people to settle well, in order to make the most of the opportunities that life in Australia has to offer.

While the primary audience is smaller organisations, parts of this document will also be relevant to larger organisations, as all organisations should review their governance practices from time to time.

Download toolkit.


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