How to Create an Innovative & Impactful Organisation - 22 Jun 2021, Online

How to Create an Innovative & Impactful Organisation - 22 Jun 2021, Online

Impacto Consulting
How to Create an Innovative & Impactful Organisation
22 June 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm

Cost: Free.

If you are a senior leader within a Not for Profit or Government, and you...

  • Find it difficult to consistently meet your objectives or deliver on your organisation’s mission
  • Have services that aren’t having the desired impact on the people you support
  • Are a bit stuck with a problem, and aren’t sure what’s the best way forward
  • Have a team that is coming to you with problems and instead, you'd like them to innovate and change things

Then this webinar is designed for you. It will introduce you to ‘Innovative and impactful organisation principles’ that covers the following topics:

  • Mission Focused: Aligning the strategic direction of the board and your people towards the achievement of ambitious goals that will deliver on your mission, plus how to best implement that strategy.
  • Creative Leadership: Build a team of creative leaders that are flexible and adaptive that will foster creativity in your organisation and bring your vision, mission and ‘why' to life.
  • Client Centricity & Collaboration: Ensure that service users, clients and people with lived experience are given input into decisions at all levels of the organisation. Deploy processes that ensure your people constantly listen to, learn and deliver on the needs of your clients. How to ensure your employees care and can deliver a great client experience.
  • Empowered People: Giving your people the resources they need to innovate, such as training, tools and creating a process that prioritises initiatives and enables changes to be made in high impact areas.

At the end of the session you will have the option to complete ‘The innovative and impactful organisation scorecard’, which will provide you with a score and personalised tips on how you can create a more innovative and impactful organisation.

More information and registration.

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