IT Strategy on a Plate - Commences 20 May 2021, Online

IT Strategy on a Plate - Commences 20 May 2021, Online

Connecting Up
IT Strategy on a Plate 
Commences 20 May 2021, 11.00am-12.30pm

Cost: $2,000 +GST.

Through consultation and coaching, the course and its trainers will guide participants to develop a comprehensive IT Strategy for their not-for-profit, which includes:

  • Understanding the business strategy and the level of sophistication in IT that the business strategy requires
  • Identifying the business processes of the NFP at a high level
  • What systems are typically required to support those business processes
  • What infrastructure is required to underpin the business systems
  • What support is required to manage the infrastructure and business system
  • Creating heat maps for the systems, infrastructure and support on current systems in place at the NFP
  • Creating a narrative around the heat maps
  • Reviewing current IT trends and what opportunities these present for the NFP
  • Determining the priorities of resultant digital transformation projects
  • Estimating the investment associated with the digital transformation required

Session outlines:

  • High Level Business Processes - 20 May
  • Creating Heat Maps of your IT system - 3 June
  • Building A Narrative to support your Heat Maps - 17 June
  • Trends in IT - 1 July
  • Defining your IT Priorities and Projects - 15 July
  • Final Review - 29 July

More information and registration.

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