Team Leadership - Commences 20 Apr 2021, Online

Team Leadership - Commences 20 Apr 2021, Online

Centre for Community Welfare Training (CCWT)
Team Leadership
Commences 20 April 2021, 9.30am-12.30pm

Cost: $540.

This workshop program is based on Australian and international management studies into the leadership skills required to establish effective teamwork. It will focus on your development of a range of facilitative skills and authoritative leadership skills.

Topics include:

  • Great teams have…
  • Developing team cohesion and team reasoning
  • Which leadership skills make a difference to team performance?
  • Skills for facilitating problem solving as a team
  • Learning together: drawing on the strengths of ‘rookies’ and 'veterans'
  • Team performance plans
  • Authoritative and facilitative leadership skills at different stages of team development
  • Effective team meetings
  • Liaising and collaborating with other teams and agencies
  • Reviewing communication challenges
  • 'Managing up'
  • Developing a conflict resilient team
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Drawing on the authority of our role, our professional authority and personal authority

More information and registration.

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