Australian Centre for Grief & Bereavement (ACGB) Online Courses Feb-Apr 2021

Australian Centre for Grief & Bereavement (ACGB) Online Courses Feb-Apr 2021

The ACGB offers education and training opportunities for health professionals, students, volunteers and other individuals and agencies desiring to enhance their grief and bereavement knowledge and practice. Online short courses are flexible and self-paced. They are also designed to be engaging, case-based, and social.

Students will have the opportunity to engage their learnings throughout the course in interactive quizzes, case studies, forums and a Q&A session with your trainer. Each module has been structured to keep you interested, involved, and engaged.

Upcoming courses include:

  • February: Ability, Ageing and Dementia; Facilitate a Bereavement Support Group; Supporting Children and Adolescents; Companion Animal Loss; Effective Brief Contact; Providing Effective Bereavement Support.
  • March: Ability, Ageing and Dementia; Supporting Those Bereaved by Suicide; Effective Brief Contact.
  • April: Support Before and After a Death; Facilitate a Bereavement Support Group; Supporting Children and Adolescents; Effective Brief Contact; Providing Effective Bereavement Support.

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