What Families Need with Georgie Dent - 18 May 2021, Online

What Families Need with Georgie Dent - 18 May 2021, Online

Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY)
What Families Need with Georgie Dent
18 May 2021, 12.00pm-1.00pm

Cost: Free.

For children to thrive and lead happy, healthy and productive lives, they need support, and so do their parents and carers.

Australia lags developed countries in the provision of best practice, evidence-based policies that optimally support children, parents and families.
In UNICEF’s 2020 annual report analysing child well-being, Australia ranked 32nd among OECD and EU countries in relation to children’s mental and physical health, and academic and social skillsets.

Pursuing best-practice, evidence-based policies that support parents and children will deliver improved child development outcomes, reduce inequality and drive significant economic growth.

Against the backdrop of COVID, an ageing population, a declining tax base, constrained migration and increased intergenerational disadvantage and inequity, the importance of supporting children to thrive and maximising the workforce participation of all Australians is fundamental to securing our future prosperity.

The Parenthood’s primary recommendations are:

  1. Increase statutory paid parental leave for parents and carers.
  2. Make high quality early childhood education and care universally accessible to all children.
  3. Protect children from poverty.
  4. Commit to reducing gender inequality.
  5. Support parents and caregivers through family inclusive workplace policies.